2021 Review: Razer Seiren V2 Pro and V2 X

Maria Zana, CTO
Maria Zana, CTO

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The line of devices signed by the global leader in lifestyle gaming Razer and designed specifically for streamers has recently expanded, thanks to the arrival of the Razer Seiren V2 Pro and Seiren V2 X

Destined to become the centerpiece of every streamer’s dreamer setup, the two newcomers can count on a number of features perfect to please both professionals and newbies in the industry.

Razer Seiren V2 Pro

The first device is the Razer Seiren V2 Pro, designed to guarantee a radio DJ-style quality thanks to the combination of analog gain limiting high-pass filters, useful for avoiding unwanted background noise and recording only what you want. 

On its body, we find the on and off button, as well as the two-volume and gain regulators, with the rear revealing a headphone output and the USB-C port which uses an exclusive fitting to the cable that is included. 

This is a recurring detail with Razer equipment, which I understand, is so that the connections do not become loose throughout its use.

With a base included, its support is versatile and can be screwed onto other supports, tripods, and even arms, allowing for excellent handling and configuration in any setup.

However, looking or listening, what matters is that the new Seiren V2 Pro wants to be a professional cardioid microphone. 

For this, it takes advantage of several features, such as its 30mm dynamic microphone to capture a richer and more detailed sound, voice distortion prevention, a high pass filter to block out low-frequency sounds and noises, and the built-in ability to absorb shocks and small taps on the microphone.

Other strengths of the V2 Pro are its dynamism, designed to obtain powerful vocal acquisitions, the frequency response capability at 20 Hz useful for capturing the entire audio range, and the precision and dynamic range above 24 bits.

Razer Seiren V2x

Alongside the Pro version and the Razer Seiren V2 X which, with its characteristics, represents the perfect weapon for the arsenal of a budding streamer. 

V2 X can, in fact, isolate the voice of the streamer from background noise thanks to the super-cardioid pickup pattern and the 25 mm capacitor, combined with the analog gain limiters and the dynamic range of higher level than 24 bit.

Both Razer-signed devices will also offer vast possibilities of control and customization through direct integration with Razer Synapse software, designed to provide streamers with all the tools they need for perfect recordings.


These Razer products are the latest additions to the perfect line for budding and pro streamers and appear to be stocked, without any supply chain disruptions.

Razer Seiren V2 Pro can be purchased at a price of $149.99, while the second new Seiren V2 X device at a price of $99.