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Trials Finally Open to All Insiders: Android Apps on Windows 11

The big news in Windows 11 is the ability to use Android apps on Microsoft’s system. This is an integration that does not require the presence of a smartphone or any other app.

Everything is natively integrated into the new operating system, transparently and directly. Tests had already started, albeit limited and controlled. These barriers are down and now all Insiders can have Android apps on Windows 11.

The arrival of Android apps to Windows 11 has been very controlled and limited to some markets. Microsoft wants to ensure that your system is perfect and that they can give people the best possible user experience.

So, some time after launching Windows 11, Microsoft decided to open these tests to a limited audience. Only in the US and on some specific platforms, it was possible to test and evaluate what was being prepared for a few months.

With the course of these tests and with its success, Microsoft has now decided to open up even more . The ability to use Android apps on Windows 11 has been made public, although limited to users who are on the Dev version of the Insiders Program.

With this change, this new feature is finally accessible to everyone who offers to evaluate the new features of Windows 11. Just install the Amazon app store, which opens this door.


So far, only 50 apps are available, but the list will certainly grow over time. There’s also good news that showed that the Android app store itself can now be installed and used on Windows 11.

This is an excellent news from Microsoft, because the tests were limited to a very small universe of users. 

Now, all Insiders can test the further integration that Windows 11 has received. After Linux, with WSL, we now have ASL and its Android apps, which are expected to be simple to use.