ipihone delete facebook now

Worried about your privacy on iPhone? Then you’d better delete Facebook now!

The title of this article may seem like a cliché given that it has been repeated so many times, but the truth is that it is up to date and it is again a problem. Security concerns are back attacking the iPhone and Facebook is to blame.

Recent research has shown that Facebook can get users’ data and location even if they don’t agree. This happens on iPhone and uses a simple sensor and the information it collects.

Privacy issues and Facebook’s collection of information about users have always been a sensitive topic. The biggest social network on the Internet has several ways to do this, even when users refuse to collect that information.

Security investigators have again proved this idea, showing that Facebook is again using information gathered from other sources. This time the use of the accelerometer is at stake as a source of a wide range of information, associated with location and what is being done.

Delete facebook now data collection

Data collection is so advanced that Facebook seems to be able to identify people who are close to the user. The way to do this is to compare the data you collect from the accelerometer and identify patterns that repeat.

At the same time, they can look at users and what they are doing on their smartphone. They can identify if images are being captured in, for example, in panoramic mode or if the “shake to report” function is being used.

Investigators reported that WhatsApp and Instagram collect the same data, but with one very important difference. The apps of these services allow the collection to be blocked, something that doesn’t happen in the Facebook app on the iPhone. To make matters worse, it is known that this collection takes place in situations that were not expected.

Apple brought a new policy with iOS 14 that brought problems to Facebook. These types of situations, which seem to violate privacy, are the normal way to get around the limitations and bring back the volume of data that the social network needs.